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Every year, OCDA recognizes professionals in the field of career development. Recipients of these awards are nominated, and their awards are presented at the annual OCDA Conference. Please see below for the award criteria, winners for our 2022 awards, and our past award winners!

Click HERE to see the full awards presentation from the 2022 OCDA Conference!


The Outstanding Graduate Student Award

This award was presented at the annual Ohio Career Development Association (OCDA) Conference in recognition of the wonderful contributions that graduate students have already made to their respective field.

Nominees must have been a full-time student in Ohio, a masters or doctoral candidate, and in the field of career counseling, student affairs, college/student personnel or a related field.

Winner: Michaela Dengg

The Outstanding New Professional Award

This award was presented at the Ohio Career Development Association (OCDA) Conference in recognition of an individual with less than five (5) years of full-time experience. This individual serves as a role model to students and professionals, demonstrates creativity/innovation in the field, and has great potential for continued success.

Winners: Cayley Volpin and Tainne Dallas


The Bob Windle Leadership Award

This award was presented at the annual Ohio Career Development Association (OCDA) Conference in recognition of a true leader in a career field. The award was named in honor of Bob Windle, who won the award in 2011, for his exceptional contributions to OCDA and to career counseling, exploration, transition, and resilience.

The Bob Windle Leadership Award recognizes practicing career counselors, consultants, or teachers for outstanding performance. Nominees must have at least eight (8) years of service in career development or a related field; demonstrated quality of service (such as innovative programs, recognition by local organizations, publications, awards, etc.); and service to professional association(s) at the local, state and/or national levels.

Winner: Andy Weyand


OCDA Past Award Winners:


Robert Windle Career Award- Robert Windle

Outstanding Career Service Award- Elizabeth Osicki


Bob Windle Leadership Career Award- Cynthia Marco-Scanlon 

Outstanding Career Service Award- Linda Woodard


Bob Windle Leadership Career Award- Jessica Wood

Outstanding Career Service Award- James Hansen


Outstanding Career Service Award- Gail Michalski


Bob Windle Leadership Career Award- Kristin Hannon


Bob Windle Leadership Career Award- Meagan Kittrick

Outstanding Career Service Award- Rhonda Norman


Bob Windle Leadership Career Award- Allison Jones


Bob Windle Leadership Award- Ryan Wilhelm

Outstanding New Professional Award- Natalie Fox

Outstanding Graduate Student Award- McKenna Koewler


 Outstanding New Professional Award- Ramascus Abdul Dollar

Outstanding Graduate Student Award- Vincent Consiglio

Outstanding Graduate Student Award- Logan Vess

Bob Windle Leadership Award- Dr. Kim Gilliam


Bob Windle Leadership Award- Kristin Williams

Outstanding New Professional Award- Taylor Slocum

Outstanding Graduate Student Award- Evan Faidley

Outstanding Graduate Student Award- Autumn Hepler


Bob Windle Leadership Award- Dr. Nina Talley

Outstanding New Professional Award- Donald Jensen

Outstanding Graduate Student Award- Kenyatta Reed

Outstanding Graduate Student Award- Mohammad Almakky

If you have any questions about the award process, please contact Awards Chair, Taylor Slocum  (tslocum3@cscc.edu).

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