A chartered state division of the National Career Development Association and division of the Ohio Counseling Association

The purpose of the Ohio Career Development Association is to promote a greater understanding of the meaning of work and vocation, to foster career development over the life span, and to improve the standards of professional service in the field of career guidance and counseling in Ohio.


Ohio Career Development Association 2017-2018 OCDA Executive Board & Committee Chairs

Executive Board
President Leigh Eskin Mascolino, M.S./Ed.S., NCC, CPCC  Mascolino.7@osu.edu
President-Elect Dalila Bennett, M.S., GCDF  Dalila.Bennett@wright.edu
Past-President Varunee Faii Sangganjanavich, Ph.D., LPCC-S, NCC faii.sangganjanavanich@gmail.com
Secretary Carla Owens, MA cowens@kent.edu
Treasurer Ryan Wilhelm, MA, LPC wilhelm.118@osu.edu
Member-at-Large Andrea Morrow, MPA  Amorrow@wocap.org


Standing Committee Chairs
Archives Jessica Wood, M.Ed., LPC jwood@lakelandcc.edu
Natalie Fox, M.Ed.
Bylaws Chair Azra Karajic Siwiec PhD, LPC, CDFI akarajic@walsh.edu
Government Relations Chelsea Francis, MSEd., LPC  cfranci1@cscc.edu
Membership Jody Patterson, M.A. jrpatter@kent.edu
National Career Development Month Meagan Kittrick, M.A., LPCC-S, NCC meagan.kittrick@gmail.com
Newsletter Andria Stragisher  stragisher.5@osu.edu
Nominations Azra Karajic Siwiec PhD, LPC, CDFI akarajic@walsh.edu
Professional Development Gail Michalski, LPC-S, LSW, GCDFI Gailmichalski53@yahoo.com
Website Co-Chair Jacqui Hoke, M.A., LPC hoke.39@osu.edu
Website Co-Chair Brittany Lane, M.S., LPC Brittany.lane1815@sinclair.edu
Social Media Chair, Website Subcommittee Mary McLaughlin, M.S. mclaughlin.154@osu.edu


Past Presidents

Varunee Faii Sangganjanavich: 2016-2017
Azra Karajic Siwiec: 2015-2016
Ryan Wilhem: 2014-2015
Meagan Kittrick: 2013-2014
Jessica Wood: 2012-2013
Michael Morley: 2011-2012
Lacey Kogelnik: 2010-2011
Cynthia Marco-Scanlon: 2009-2010
Kevin Glavin: 2008-2009
Sara Odum: 2007-2008
Erin Corwin: 2006-2007
Gail Michalski: 2005-2006
Bob Windle: 2004-2005
Louis Busacca: 2003-2004

Interested in joining the OCDA executive board?
Contact Azra Karajic Siwiec, Nominations Chair, at akarajic@aol.com.

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