Thank you to all members who attended our 2017 OCDA Conference!

We appreciate those of you who attended our Ohio Career Development Association Annual Conference! We hope you enjoyed the presentations and the opportunity to mingle and connect with your pears. Our 2017 conference occurred at the 4-H Center at The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio on May 19th.

Please see our Agenda for the 2017 conference here.

We heard from Keynote Speaker Dr. Deb Osborn, PhD, Past President of NCDA & Associate Professor at Florida State University. She discussed the Cognitive Information Processing (CIP) Theory and how to integrate these theoretical techniques into practice. Following our Keynote presentation we had two breakout sessions delivered by Dr. Sunny Lurie and by Marilyn Rice. Dr. Lurie, founder and CEO of Fast Focus Careers, discussed techniques to help clients breakthrough and find a meaningful career. Marilyn Rice, Director of the Ohio State University Lhota Office of Alumni Career Management, presented on how to engage with Alumni and facilitate meaningful student/alumni relationships.

During Lunch our participants had the opportunity to get their professional photos taken and enjoy a Mexican Taco & Fajita Bar. Special congratulations goes out to Allison Jones for winning the Bob Windle Leadership Career Award!

Following Lunch, Dr. Jeff King, Ph.D, Director of the OSU Leadership Center and an Associate Professor at Ohio State University, discussed emotional intelligence and how to strengthen your leadership capacity to work well with others.

The conference concluded with Dr. Osborn, our keynote presenter, who delivered a presentation on linking online resources to innovative career counseling techniques. We hope that all who joined enjoyed this exciting annual event in Buckeye country (and the chocolate candies as well).

Stay tuned for updates on our exciting 2018 OCDA Conference in the Spring!

Leigh Mascolino
President of OCDA