OCDA Spring Conference – May 19th, 2017

Ohio Career Development Association Spring Conference Presenters & Topics:

Deb Osborn, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Psychology & Counseling Services in the Educational Psychology and Learning Systems Department at Florida State University and Past President of the National Career Development Association (NCDA). Her current research focuses primarily on factors that impact individuals’ career development. She also has a passion for exploring “what works” in service delivery, with a special interest in the role technology plays in enhancing and extending services.

KEYNOTE Presentation: The Cognitive Information Processing (CIP) Theory in Action (1.5 CEUs)
Breakout Presentation: Linking Online Resources to Innovative Career Counseling Approaches (1 CEU)

Dr. Sunny Lurie, Ph.D., founder and CEO of FAST FOCUS CAREERS and the author of “Jolt Your Career From Here to There: 8 Breakthrough Strategies for Career-Change Success.” Dr. Lurie works as a career and business strategist – helping people pursue work that is satisfying and meaningful. Dr. Lurie has a rich background in organizational behavior working at Key Bank for 12 years in employee and organizational development and in her business consulting with Metro Health, Case, Leff Electric and various private clients for over 10 years. She is dedicated to improving organizational performance and helping individuals thrive in the workplace.

Breakout Presentation: Getting Unstuck: Breakthrough Strategies to Help Your Clients Find a Meaningful Career (1 CEU)

Tracy Austin, MBA, MS, RCC, Corporate Coach, Training & Organizational Leadership Development Professional who offers 20+ years of experience and has proven to increase team and individuals’ performance by applying coaching, emotional intelligence, business psychology and neuroscience principles. His passion for professional development has allowed him to tap into and leverage his talents as a coach and leader. He’s spent his career training, coaching, leading, and developing people—it’s his passion, and he considers it his craft. Austin’s leadership and coaching philosophy is all about helping people shift their limited thinking and assisting them in learning to close the gap from where they are to where they want to be.

Breakout Presentation: Career Coaching: Setting Goals for Success

Marilyn Rice, Director of the Ohio State University Lhota Office of Alumni Career Management. She has 30 years of professional experience in career management and program delivery within higher education, non-profit, and corporate settings. She has highly effective communication skills coupled with the ability to motivate in group instruction, small group facilitation/ training and individual coaching. Marilyn has been privileged to work with alumni in discovering new and exciting opportunities to make significant contributions to the world!

Breakout Presentation: Engaging with Alumni and Facilitating Meaningful Student/Alumni Relationships

Jeff King, Ph.D., Director of the OSU Leadership Center and Associate Professor at The Ohio State University. He is a nationally known and highly respected trainer, facilitator, and consultant with 25 years of experience and delivers high-energy, content driven, experiential workshops that enhance personal, professional, and organizational development. Using his training and extensive experience in leadership and management, Jeff provides customized consulting, training, and facilitation to local, state, national, and international organizations.

Breakout Presentation: Emotional Intelligence: Strengthening Your Leadership Capacity to Work with Others (1.5 CEUs)